Friday, 20 July 2012

Happy Friday + links

This week I've been photographing new stock, working on Christmas press, and flying home to see my American relatives who are over visiting {here's my mum's garden, with some crazy animals on display - she says they are for the grandchildren}. I saw my cousins, Christine and Linda, who always inspire me with their crafty ventures. I talked them into signing up to Instagram {where I waste most of my time these days @teaforjoy}. In the top photo is a vintage apron which Christine {@colourandcloth} turned into a curtain, and the bottom photo is a teeny dress which Linda {@hey_homewrecker} made out of an old curtain!

Some other links:

*For a while, I thought I'd been photographed with Tom Hanks
*Love these kids' bedroom ideas
*This made me laugh
*Inspired by these words worth repeating

Hope you have a lovely weekend! I'm planning a trip to Broadstairs tomorrow, rain or not. Let me know if you have any recommendations!


Linda said...

Hi Lynne!I'm hooked to instagram now! I'm blaming you! xx Martha's getting her dress today, I really hope it fits :)

domestikate said...

Is it Tom Hanks? Is it not?? I need to know!

Lynne said...

Domestikate, we decided no as Tom Hanks doesn't have a dimple in his chin and Michelle remembered him not being that tall (+ Tom Hanks is). But took a while, as my stalking skills had deduced he was in London at the time!

Aida said...

one of the best things about blogging is that we sometimes ramdomly end up on places such as treasure worth as yours!Completely in love and certainly staying around! if my blog somehow pleases you as well it would be an honour to have you with me as well!


Zoƫ {Conversation Pieces} said...

Yeah, hooked on instagram too! Sort of deliberating just blogging over there instead but not quite ready to chuck in the original blog!

Love the teeny dress, it's uber cute!!

Decorator's Notebook said...

Totally Tom Hanks.
That is all.