Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Feeling green

I don't know if it's all the rain, or my frequent visits to garden centres and Ikea's plant section over the last month (five visits, all returned empty-handed), but recently I've been feeling very inspired by green. Although I don't really like houseplants (hence, zero purchases), luscious scenes make me want to persevere, both indoors and outside.

Slugs appear to have eaten my only attempt at growing so far - bok choy and spinach. Tips?

Photos: Inha Lindhag


Cheryl said...

What beautful lush photos. lovely to find a London lifestyle blogger too.

helensarahvaughan said...

Pigeons ate our seedlings, netting?

Charlotte {theteapotexplodes} said...

I wish it would stop raining so I could some gardening - everything is getting washed away. I love that green velvet sofa too..

Lisa-Marie said...

Beautiful, particularly that sofa!

The green is the thing that keeps me going in all the grey and drizzle and wind. :)

Sneaky Magpie said...

Slugs are all over unlike last year, must be the rain. They ate so many of my seedlings I nearly cried. They don't like grainy surfaces so ashes are good, grit, I actually got so desperate I created moats of salt round my little plants in the green house which keeps them away.