Thursday, 12 April 2012

Make your own word banners

make your own banner kit

I've just stocked these make your own banner kits {£10} at Papermash. Each kit has 83 symbols and letters for making your own phrases. Unfortunately they don't include X or Z, as apparently these letters aren't used much in the Scandinavian languages {where they are made}. As you can see, I couldn't think of anything too original - what would you spell out? They're also available {only for a short while} in black and turquoise.

If you're coming to Selina's Homespun market tomorrow, I will have a small free gift for those who ask for it and mention my blog. If you'd like to order anything from my shop in advance, I can bring your order and refund the postage. If you'd like to do this, or if there's something particular you would like to see {as I'm only planning to bring a small selection of goods}, email me at before 10am tomorrow {Friday.}


Brown Paper Packages said...

What a great idea - and such a lovely palette! :-)

Lisa-Marie said...

They are SO cool. Your stock is so cool and springy Lynne!