Friday, 27 April 2012

Happy weekend + gone crafting

Sometime soon, maybe this weekend, I'm going to work on some craft projects. As I've been spring-cleaning, I've literally found a whole cupboard full of unused fabric, ribbon, paints and other supplies, including a never-used Dymo machine. It involved reading an instruction manual, and buying batteries, and I never seem to get that far... 

A few links for your weekend - have a lovely one. I love the rain, but it might be time for a break.

*Studded nails? Yes, or no?
*Things to worry about
*Pretty stationery
*Love this dress
*What do you think about houseplants?

{Image scanned from Homes and Gardens, photo by Rachel Whiting, from Simply Wonderwoman by Joanna Gosling.}


Lillie said...

houseplants are the best! they bring a little bit of green inside, and they are good for cleaning the air inside. you can get so many lovely varieties these days, that are a world away from those huge, slightly creepy twisted up varieties they grew in the seventies!

Kirsteen said...

I love the labels you can make with a Dymo, I have thought of a million different ways to use them.

I have this book, it's really good!

elissa said...

i say 'yes' to studded nails. though, i probably wouldn't keep them looking pristine for very long.