Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Around and about

A few things I've been doing, inbetween waiting at home for parcels...

 Collar display at The Dog and Wardrobe, near Broadway Market

A nearby book barge on Regent's Canal (which I always love.)


At a Theos talk in Westminster Abbey (and wonderful to be allowed in the small side chapel after hours.)

Succulents at Petersham Nurseries (I attended this dinner with a friend, which was delicious. We walked to the Nurseries from Richmond, through the rain and along the river, highly recommended.)  


Lizzie said...

i live near that book shop on the canal too... isn't it strange when internet life and real life kind of intersect.
The collars look great!

Brown Paper Packages said...

Ooooh - I just loved loved loved the image of the succulents.. those colours! Thank you for sharing! Xx

samantha ramage said...

MUST come to england for that book barge- it looks too good!