Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Livet Hemma

I do like the Ikea Swedish blog, Livet Hemma, which often has beautifully styled photos of their products. I'm sure I said I was never buying any furniture there again - but, after a visit at the weekend, and having spotted Lucy's greenhouse, I'm compiling a {shortish} list... I'm planning a little bedroom redecoration, so feel inspired by the fresh, spring bedlinen above.

{Photos: Livet Hemma.}


Mrs. Sutton said...

LOVELY Greenhouse! Annoyingly, it's inspired me to go back to Ikea as well - lol!

Rachel said...

This is such a stunningly designed room. Gorgeous.

Nordic Bliss said...

I love Ikea! :D Did you have a really bad experience?