Friday, 2 March 2012

Happy weekend + links

It's been a while since I shared some links, perhaps since I started reading blogs on my iphone and instantly forget what I've read! Here's a few links from the last few weeks;

*Loved Huma's feature on Style Experts' Homes; this week was Charlotte Duckworth, and I can't wait to see the homes coming up!
*Love all of this house, including the open plan bathroom
*Last week I went to this web bootcamp, which had some useful tips for promoting your business through the web - there are still some spaces around the country.
*Ooh, I like the room debate
*Very cool knitted pencil cases
*Also, these loose covers for Ikea chairs.
*Golden syrup popcorn sounds interesting!

Have a lovely weekend, I'm prepping for a photo shoot on Monday, haven't had much creative vision for it yet, but hopefully will have by then. Hope you can spot some snowdrops where you are.


Elizabeth said...

yey, I love your links

Lisa-Marie said...

Happy weekend Lynne! I hop your prep is going well, and you aren't too stressed.

Thank you for the buffet of goodness, that's my after-dinner Sunday reading sorted.


Tuikku said...

No snowdrops here, just ice and snow. Thanks for the links!