Thursday, 15 March 2012

Around and about

{Wandsworth Common}

{Holding on to dying flowers - I love how they crinkle up. These are almost two weeks old}

{Pretty leaves I spotted at The Papered Parlour - I may try and recreate the mirror idea}

{Trying to think of a phrase for DIY word banners - let me know if you have any ideas}

Having an iphone has turned me into a lazy blogger. I must persevere with practising with my camera. I also must, in no particular order, find a full-time, or if a fair wind comes my way, part-time job; a short-term intern, a cleaner, and use up my Groupon voucher to go to the gym before it expires this month {I've already lost one deal I was sucked into buying}. But not today... today is for a sunny stroll and a blog excursion.


Conversation Pieces said...

Love the dying flowers... yours look way prettier than mine do when they're on the way out! (Maybe it's a daffies thing?) Paper wreath mirror is a fab idea... and good luck on your list :)

Lillie said...

what a beautiful collection of images, love the paper wreath around the mirror!

Jen said...

Wow - what kind of flowers are they? (a question from a non-green-thumb). They are incredible.