Saturday, 2 July 2011

What to bring to Wimbledon

Another year, another Wimbledon; almost over but this is a handy list of things to bring, if you are planning a trip next year.

1. Binoculars £5.75 {for spotting who is in the royal box if you are in row ZF, as I always seem to be}, 2. sunscreen {£15.50}, and if you are fair-skinned, 6. something with long sleeves {£28.50} in case you have front row seats in the blazing sun. 3. A water bottle {£9} which you can fill up at on-site taps, 4. a picnic blanket {£36} {and even a small pillow as I always need an afternoon nap on the grassy area behind Murray Mount - being in centre court is strangely exhausting.} 5. A small-brimmed hat {£22}, so you don't block the view, 7. an umbrella {£20} because this is England, 8. A good book, {£4.50} in case you are stuck in a queue for hours - people were queuing for 3 hours for resale tickets when I went on Monday. Finally, 9. your own picnic, {plates from £3.50} unless you want to eat very average catering fare and pay £7 for a glass of Pimms.

Who do you think will win tomorrow?


domestikate said...

Excellent list, and right on so many counts (the overpriced mediocre food, the weirdly tiring nature of tennis watching, the sun hat and umbrella combo ...)

Keeping my fingers crossed for Novak, but think Rafa might just have him.

leslie.conner said...

i love that picnic blanket! very thorough list :)

millefeuilles said...

Enjoy the finals today. Wimbledon always sends me down memory lane; English summers, the sound of the ball hitting the racket, Pimms..... wait; £7 for a glass? The dream has been a little shattered here. I have been living in France for the past 14 years (what, already?) but Laurent Garros just doesn't do it for me.