Monday, 16 May 2011

Tea of the week: tea and reading

An afternoon's reading, with tea from a proper cup {and pistachio biscuits}. Lots of new material, with Midcentury Magazine and Mollie Makes {I especially loved the interview with Dottie Angel.}

The cookbook, Alice's Cookbook , was a gift from a friend. At first I was underwhelmed, by the plain cover, and the lack of photographs, but then the pretty binding kept catching my eye. I noticed the photographs it does have are by Emma Lee, whose food photography I love, I realised I had already made one of the recipes, these delicious blackberry granola muffins. The more I read, the more I was seduced. I adore this book. I can't wait to make raspberry barley water, lemongrass pork buns bowls, chilli jam and her picnic recipes for a 'springtime camper van by the sea.'

What are you reading?


Siobhan said...

I think I need to own this book. I am reading nothing at the moment and this is a good spur to make me read something.

Niki said...

Looks like a perfect afternoon - Tea, biscuits and reading of perfectly bound cookbooks!

I only hope my afternoon today follows a similar pattern.

Niki @

Claire Marie said...

Blackberry granola muffins sound yummy!
I've just finished reading The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O'Farrell, which is an amazing book - well worth a read! :)

Claire Marie x

Erin Lian said...

Mollie Makes looks amazing!! I love that sort of recipe book, I think it looks like a secret :)

Eleanor Rae said...

I think we had the same day! I also bought Mollie Makes and loved it (I spent a lot of time planning what to make with the free gift!) and I've had Alice's Cookbook for a while, my favourite recipe is the salted caramel dipping pots! Did you know there is another in the same series with a similar binding? It's recipes from various parts of the world I believe. Kisses xxx

Abigail said...

Looks wonderful.
I'm just about to finish my revisted journey with Mr. Tilney in Northanger Abbey by Ms. Austen.
Although I live in Atlanta, GA., for one second I seriously considered buying a plane ticket and trekking to London for the picnic! :)

Nick said...

Love Alice Hart - I think her years on Waitrose Illustrated mean that she really knows how to write recipes that work (unlike some hi-fallutin chefs shall we say!)