Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Deal of the month: Oh Joy cards

I'm experimenting with offering special Papermash deals here, as {think Groupon, on a teeny scale.*} These will be one-off deals, probably once a month, and in a limited quantity. If I pick items which are light in weight, the postage charge will be lower than my normal standard rate.

My first deal is this set of two blank 'a note' cards, by Oh Joy, which have a metallic design - I love writing on dark cards in metallic ink. Originally £2.95 each, I'm offering 5 sets of 2, including postage, for £4 each. UK only please. You can pay with the paypal button below. Please ensure you complete your shipping address correctly.


*Have you seen this site, Philanthroper.com. It works in a similar way to Groupon, but they feature a charity each day, and the maximum you can donate is $1 or 1 euro. I think it's a brilliant idea.

1 comment:

Lisa-Marie said...

Man, I am so sad these are sold out!