Thursday, 21 April 2011

£5 finds: Charlotte Farmer

Next up in my £5 finds series is Charlotte Farmer, an illustrator with a fun range of tea towels, {including an obligatory Kate 'n' Wills version} and a blog, too {love this burger cake!}

Here's her £5 find:

"It's a green velvet jewellery box type thing, which I've had for years...but it was that worn when I found it in a little antique shop in Cheltenham. I think the signs of age make it much nicer and intriguing than if it was in perfect condition. I kept going in and looking at it and eventually one of my friends bought it for me and pinned an old German illustration inside which says: "Lotte, the eldest daughter plays tennis" which was perfect as I used to play tennis all the time!

I really love just how worn it is, inside and out. It has a slightly less glamorous role in life than it probably used to, as it is home to my memory stick - which I lost a few weeks back, so when I finally found it I knew it needed to be somewhere safe!

{The green box is resting on a nice royal plate which I got for £3 in Lyme Regis, inspiration for my Kate 'n' Wills teatowel!}"

Thanks, Charlotte!


sweetpea said...

thank you for posting this, her work is beautiful! i want it all!

Ms M said...

Beautiful box! Bargain!
Great giveaway at Me Old China