Friday, 8 April 2011

Emma Cassi + Happy weekend

Some chic images from the spring/summer collection of Emma Cassi. I've been trying to track down the geometric wallpaper in the background, only to discover it is Balyan fabric from Osborne and Little. I am looking for a yellow wallpaper in a similar design; any suggestions?

Today I am guest posting at Lottie Loves; you can see other yellow things I love here. Hope you have a lovely weekend! I am home sick today and don't think I am going to make a super-quick recovery, which is very depressing as it looks like it will be a glorious weekend!


Paper Heart Girl said...

Happy weekend to you as well! Gorgeous photos! xxxxx

Teresa said...

Oh you poor dear.
Hope you start feeling better soon.
Take care,

Lisa-Marie said...

Oh Lynne, poor you! I hope your ills go away and you have a good weekend! And that it stays sunny.

Beautiful pictures! I'm away to find out about what you love :)

kat said...

Emma Cassi's work is always so beautiful and I am inspired by her displays. Have you tried wallpaperdirect and selectwallpaper for a similar paper?
Kat x

el {what you fancy} said...

What stunning earrings... lovely pics :)
We have a handmade British jewellery giveaway over at {what you fancy}!


I simply adore her work, and these latest images are gorgeous, well done on her!!

You should visit the islands, I just came back from a weekend at my boyfriend's remote and quite town up north of the island, a total paradise I hope I can bring some of this peace to my life back in london, I do not think people here knows the real meaning of the word stress haha...kisses from here.