Monday, 21 March 2011

Tea of the week: London's best afternoon teas

A few weeks ago I reviewed Orange Pekoe for The Times, for a list of London's best afternoon teas. Orange Pekoe is a small tea shop in Barnes which is one of my favourites, and was a delightful experience, with warmed scones and a very knowledgeable 'tea sommelier'. Above is the loose tea I took home. You can read my review here {if you are a subscriber, or want to pay £1 for the privilege.} I quite fancy the others on the list too.

{Above, brown bottle from Sunbury Antiques Market; striped porcelain spoon from Lisa Stickley.}

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Philippa said...

Oh the dratted pay wall! Such a shame as this sounded like a lovely article. I'm afraid that on principle I won't pay to read on line. I'll just hope that someone I know does and I can ask them to read it for me!

How exciting though to be a tea shop reviewer!