Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New at Papermash

Some new items available at Papermash: Alphabet masking tape (£3), Heart hole punch (£10) - first spotted on The Crafty Currant, Japanese paper balloons (£2.75), Who can blow up the biggest balloon tape (£6).

Spring bird card (£5), Mother's Day card (£3.25), Furoshiki (£3.99) (these are Japanese style cloths, which are reusable and can be made into shoulder bags, scarves, and wrapped in many different ways) and leaf masking tape (£4.75.) There are lots of other new items here.


Eleni said...

Seems like papermash is full of spring! I love the heart hole punch!!
xo, Eleni

Anonymous said...

oh yay! I've been pondering buying one of those heart punches... how did you know Lynne? :) (Also whoop whoop for the balloons too!)

Anonymous said...

oh i love the tapes!!! so much fun. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

How much do I want one of those heart hole punches?!

(I'll give you a clue: very very very much)

Polly said...

Oh I love the heart hole punch!