Thursday, 30 September 2010

Thursday links + happy weekend

An early weekend for me, as I'm off to work on leaf craft projects with my mum {who has been busily preserving leaves in gelatin, on my instructions!}, and visit my favourite little ones. Until next week, just a few links, and hope you all enjoy your weekend.

*A gorgeous B&B in Bruges
*Love the table plan {an old door} in this wedding {and everything else!}
*And, I expect many of you will have seen this already, but I've been drooling over everything in the latest Sweet Paul magazine.

Photos by Rachel Whiting {aren't the colours amazing?}


Leigh said...

How do you preserve leaves in gelatin? I peeked to see if you previously posted about it, but didn't see anything. Maybe it's self explanatory, but it sounds interesting and I love fall leaves and wish they'd keep their color longer!

skirmishofwit said...

Thanks for the lovely links! Am intrigued as to the leaf project.

Jess said...

Beautiful photos. I hope you had a good weekend :)