Friday, 17 September 2010

Alphabet Bags

So, there's nothing particularly original about Alphabet Bags (£10), but I like them all the same, especially for the diamante option (I love anything sparkly.) It isn't available, but I think the diamante would work well on a black bag (or a nice charcoal grey, if anyone is taking suggestions.)


Rebecca said...

LOL, for some reason when I saw 'Tea for Joy: Alphabet bags', I thought you had found some alphabet shaped tea bags! silly me... would be a novelty though!

Still great bags though :)


Mmmm Great idea. I sell plain cotton totes in my blondesbackyard shop and have black.
I have never tried diamante sticking but know I can get the kits, glue guns etc from my local fabric store. So this may just have to tried out! Kx

Masha said...

I spotted these Alphabet bags 2-3 years ago - really nothing innovative - but so simple and classic. Simple and classic never goes out of fashion!

Jane Flanagan said...

Love these! Though my tote addiction really knows no bounds, so I must exercise restraint!