Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Emma Cassi

I've followed Emma Cassi's lovely blog for quite a while. In my mind I've classified her blog into my 'blogs with sparkle' category (also see This is Glamorous if you'd like to further investigate the genre.)

I've seen Emma's pretty jewellery before but have just stumbled upon her styling portfolio. I love the subdued colours which I associate with her signature style, and especially the little bits of sequins and lace. Anyone else love the sparkly shoes?


Cassie said...

I adore those sparkly shoes - I can think of so many occasions when I could actually wear them too! Gorgeous.

Just checked out her styling on her site and the white table scene is incredible and the cute little green suitcase too.

Thank you for sharing such a find.

Dwell With Dignity said...

Thanks for the lovely link to her blog. This completely and utterfly beautiful...gives us inspiration for our projects!

-dwellwdignity.blogspot.com - Inspiring lives with design, one household at a time

Color Collective said...

yes, she has a beautiful perspective! love these images!

Lillian Chang said...

Oh yes, I love her blog too!! I actually just discovered it recently, and it makes me smile.
This photo collage is beautiful :)

Callie Grayson said...

love her styling! and her blog is fantastic. thanks for finding her and sharing her!!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes!

kat said...

Oh emma's styling and jewellery are so beautiful aren't they. her blog is one of my all time favourites.
I like the collage of images you chose here.
Kat x