Friday, 28 May 2010

Five Friday Faves

Thrilled to be sent home early today - so time for some blogging before the bank holiday weekend. (If you're interested in what I do, you can get an idea of what it is from this Biz Ladies guide I wrote for Design Sponge this week.)
What are you doing this weekend? I'm doing a photography course so expect to see a dramatic improvement! (I hope.) Next week I'm announcing the straw styling challenge winner, plus I have some other amazing straw photos I hope to share - so if you're not as interested in striped paper straws as I am (which I totally understand) I'd take a week off!

Have a great weekend.

Photo by Emma Turner - from a friend's hen weekend I went on a few weeks ago.


uglygirl said...

Woohoo! I wish it were a long weekend here.

I hope you received my straw entries. I hope they don't suck too much (get it? Suck?) Sorry that was lame.

Polly said...

Wow I am jealous of your photography course! I went on one in September and although I learnt a lot about the technical stuff, it was really basic and I'd like to take it a step further!
Ooh I am intriged about this straw styling thing!

Melissa said...

Mmm, those cookies sound delightful! Bookmarked the recipe -- thanks for sharing.

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

a photography class? how fun! i've always wanted to sign up for one!

Happy weekend to you, xo Crystal

I'm headed over to check out your biz ladies advice now...

the southern hostess said...

Those cookies sound amazing! Have a great weekend.

Anne Perry said...

I just took my in-laws to Orange Pekoe this last Tuesday, on the strength of your recommendation, and we all loved it. Thanks for introducing us to such a great place!

Rachel said...

hi lynne, how i wish i am taking a photography course as well, but first i need a cam:)

i love the new things in your shop and featured it on my blog today along with other shops featured in the past interviews.

Have a great week ahead,

Anonymous said...

That is a phenomenally useful biz ladies post, so helpful, I always struggle with those aspects of my business but they are so vital. Thank you for writing it!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo- green and rain-kissed. Rain is wonderful. So are old building, and green, green grass. I want to be there! Ruth S xx


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