Thursday, 1 April 2010

Round up: daffodils

An interlude in this week's egg posts...1. Vintage metal daffodil tray, $12.50, 2. 1880 daffodil print (love this) $9.99, 3. Daffodil cards $12, 4. Vintage lidded bowl $15, 5. Daff-0-dilly card £1.50, 6. Wordsworth's Daffodil tape £3.75.


kristi @ lovelyvelo said...

I love daffodils! The stamp is my favourite... Happy Easter!

Cassie said...

I smiled when I saw the title of your post as I remembered you love daffodils.

I really love that card at the bottom left.

I was fortunate enough to get three massive bunches that are bursting out of a jug on my kitchen table - all for 60p yesterday.

Hope you have lovely plans for the extended weekend.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I didnt notice the stamp when I saw it before, so cute

Alex said...

So pretty, I love daffs

Helsbells said...

I love these spring time colours so much. Thanks for sharing and happy easter.

featherbed said...

Great finds! I'm ready for Easter, now :)