Friday, 26 March 2010

Five Friday Faves

*A gorgeous spring garland
*Amazing tents in British Columbia
*Beautiful calligraphy (and love her use of masking tape)
*A first step on the property ladder
*I'm fickle; after declaring last week that I'd found my favourite house tour ever, I already have a new contender for the top spot.

Events on this weekend:
*South West Jumble (in Tooting; mention Tea for Joy at my friend Malini's stall for a 10% discount.)
*Country Living Fair

See you next week!

Pic by Teacups, Cupcakes on Flickr (just because I love yellow.)


Anonymous said...

thanks for linking to my calligraphy! i love this blog :]

Merissa Cherie said...

What a pretty blog you have.
The calligraphy link was a very nice one. Cathie's work is wonderful!
And how lucky to have a Country Living Fair in your town! I hope you're going, I know I wish I could :)
Enjoy your weekend!

HannahB said...

oh thats for the link to the garland!

Emile de Bruijn said...

Great picture, very wabi. Where is it?

Cassie said...

Oh are you going to the Country Living Fair? I went on Thursday and so glad I did but it was VERY busy and can imagine it must be manic at the weekend.

Betty Gaeta said...

Your blog is very pretty. Wonderful pictures!
Happy weekend to you!

laura sophia marlowe said...

i also have a stall at the south west jumble this weekend! come and see me too! xxx

Zepequeña said...



Becky said...

Thanks for using my pic Lynne! Havn't had internet access this weekend so hadn't seen it but a fellow blogger pointed me in the right direction :)

@ Emile de Bruijn - it was taken on holiday in Nice, France last summer