Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Style resolutions: Zoe from Conversation Pieces

Zoe from Conversation Pieces is today's contributor to the Style Resolutions series. Zoe lives in Edinburgh and her blog is so lively and full of fun. Zoe got engaged last year and I totally saw it coming (a surprise trip planned by her boyfriend sounded very suspicious) so I feel like I know her even though we've never met!

Thanks Zoe for taking part - I'm excited about following your wedding plans in 2010 as I know they are going to be a little bit alternative and original...

Style resolutions: Zoe from Conversation Pieces

1. What was your favourite design find/achievement of 2009?

This is maybe a bit of a cheat but I have to say that my favourite design achievement was probably our flat. At the start of 2009, our place was still in need of a lot (and that's a total under-exaggeration) of renovation – we had no kitchen, a bathroom that was a bit third world, windows that were on the verge of falling out etc etc...

Back then, it seemed like we had so much to do that it was just terrifying. But, by the end of 2009, all we had left to do is put down some flooring in the kitchen and hall.

Find-wise, one of the things we love the most is the old furniture we acquired that belonged to the OH's aunt – like this chair.

It's been great to save some of the things she kept for all these years and give them a new lease of life.

Fashion-wise, my favourite finds of the year are probably my two engagement rings. Of course, technically the other half is responsible for those finds – but they were certainly the things I enjoyed wearing most in 2009!

2. What are your style resolutions for 2010?

Finish the bathroom – it's gone from the blaargh blue bathroom to being all lovely and white – but we still have to do the painting of the windows, retouch the wall from where the plaster has moved and stencil on some leaves going down one wall (like in the bedroom photo below)! We will get there eventually!

Recover this day bed – we have the fabric (and have had it for about 8 months.) We just need to get the sewing machine out and get going.

Fashion-wise, my resolutions will be only wear boots that have proper grips on them – bruises from falling are so not 2010!

3. Which style blog(s) will you be reading in 2010?

For fashion, Kingdom of Style. I love the way Queen Marie and Queen Michelle dress – they have a great sense of fun and adventure. For design, Oh Hello Friend. It's so full of such prettiness and I think Danni who writes it is so sweet. For wedding-y stuff, I've just discovered Rock n Roll Bride so I'll be sure to be checking that out as we get down to serious (but hopefully still fun) wedding planning in 2010.


Caroline, No. said...

I only just discovered Conversation Pieces and love her blog. Her wolf suit post REALLY MADE ME LAUGH!

Your flat is beautiful and very similar to mine - you've inspired me! Unfortunately we're lazy. I've had a very similar green paint for the living room under my kitchen sink for about six months. This will be the year when it gets done! *punches air*

Red Boots said...

Your bathroom is beautiful Zoe! I can't believe the transformation! The sink is gorgeous. x

Polly R said...

I love Conversation Pieces and her flat looks amazing! x

jess said...

You should also look at

we got married last year and I got totally addicted to these sites .
Enjoy the planning x