Friday, 4 December 2009

Gift Guide: £30+

1. Gold corsage brooch ($55) 2. Personalised stationery (£70) 3. Compact with rose facial balm (£34) 4. Lead crystal paperweight (£45) 5. Porcelain milk jug (£48) 6. Pleated silk necklace ($96) 7. Hand-printed eco cushion ($99) 8. Yellow fabric bird ($99).

This is the last of the gift guides for this week. What's on your list? Mine is much more practical and the items have no redeeming stylish features: a key finder (I lost my keys in my house a few weeks ago, and have not found them yet), a Lumie bodyclock (I've had one before and this will revolutionise your life) and winter Fit Flops (the most comfortable shoes ever.)

Events on this weekend:

We Make Christmas Fair
Tea and Make Christmas Fair

Have a great weekend!


Brigitte said...

I never expected to love a corsage so much - lovely!

Conversation Pieces said...

I love A Alicia Accessories so much! I have been plotting to buy some for ages... but need to buy some plain things to put them on!

Simone said...

love all the gift guide suggestions..converting into $..darn!!! Happy Holidays!


Thanks for including one of my cushions!! This is one of my favorites!!

duet letterpress said...

oh! i love the milk jugs!