Tuesday, 24 November 2009

To Dry For

I met Sally and Dave from To Dry For a few weeks ago at the Midcentury Modern Fair. I was able to have one of few 'blog' moments - as I told them I had just seen their wedding (and cool M&M wedding cake) on Conversation Pieces.

Their shop sells only one thing - tea towels! I think it's a brilliant concept (and name), and as they are pretty light to post, their shipping charges are really low. I can say with conviction that there is a tea towel to suit everyone. Here are some of my favourites...

Beetroot (£10), Butterfly love (£10).

Big Breakfast (£8.50), Birdsong (£10).
Dishy (£8.50), Mr Tea Towel (another inspired name) (£8.50).

Don't fancy drying up? See these alternative uses for tea towels.


Meg said...

What a great shop - thanks for posting! I love tea-towels as art and might well get one or two of these to frame for my kitchen x

Callie Grayson said...

oooh, i really like these. and I do have sort of an obsession with tea/dish towels!! I have a basket full. I was also thinking the other day that I need new and get rid of some of the old ones!!

this post is perfect timing. A holiday gift for me:)

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I've never heard of tea towels! Interesting.

Anna said...

Love all of these - just too good to use :)

Simone said...

love these! and can see framing them rather than cleaning up with them!! thank you for share

down comforter said...

Such cool designs - thanks for the introduction to them :)