Friday, 6 November 2009

Five Friday Faves

*A brilliant way to ask friends to be your bridesmaid.
*A very stylish vintage outfit.
*Lovely product packaging.
*A fabulous M&M wedding cake you must see, belonging to Sally from To Dry For - they also had sticks of rock made with their names in it!
*Amanda's Polaroid selections always make me happy.

Have a lovely weekend. I'm helping a local shopkeeper decorate his windows for Christmas - well, let's just say it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Photo by Buttonmoon, a recent discovery whose photos I love - and you will too (blog, Flickr.)


Emily said...

Wonderful links! And what fun to begin decorating for Christmas!

...mmm... said...

That cake looks particularly amazing. Well, since I was scanning my side bar adn replacing stuff i came across your "tea for Joy" icon i put p there adn though, perfect! I must invite you to my virtual Christmas Tea party. Do hope you might consider coming, signing up, and joining the banter on the day!

Grace@PoeticHome said...

Have a fun weekend! I do hope you may show photos of the Christmas windows!

Fleur Avenue said...

Thanks for having my packaging on one of your lovely links!
Brenda from

Angel Eden said...

Hi the wedding cake looks fantastic. I am about the make one and it looks a very good idea, the only thing is I would be afraid that the colour would bleed from the M&Ms onto the white icing.

Angel Eden