Saturday, 15 August 2009

Papermash winners

So, dear readers, I cut up all the comments into little squares, tossed them together in my Nina Invorm bowl and voila, I have some winners! It took AGES - and then I could not find my camera to document. Grrr (#1). Anyway, you will just have to take my word for it that I pulled the names out fairly.

Thank you for all the lovely comments about Papermash. I am enquiring about new products already, so I hope to expand my range soon.

So, without further ado, the winner of the year's free stationery is Ali. Congratulations! I will be in touch and will get that first parcel in the post. Winner of the one-off parcel is Rhianne.

I am still offering 10% off Papermash purchases for Tea for Joy readers until the end of August with the discount code teaforjoy1. I'm having some website problems - grrr (#2) - as long as you have a paypal account you can order, but if you don't have one then there are issues. I am hoping that will all be fixed on Monday (although they said Friday.) I am in a very bad mood.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying your weekend!

UPDATE: All fixed!


Cupcake said...

Your site is amazing! I loved the lace tape especially... can't wait to see what else is coming!

melanie said...

Congratulations to Ali and Rhianne, from a disappointed melanie! :)

Holly said...

Congratulations! So very jealous! Hehe. :)

Holly x

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie said...
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Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie said...

congrats! to Ali wish it was me :=(

Amanda Nicole said...

Congratulations, lucky ladies!

Ugh, technical trouble. Is there a bigger headache?

Clare said...

I can't believe I only just stumbled upon your site... it's wonderful. Full of all my favourite things!

Rachel said...

oh, lucky girls:) congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

your blog is really nice
i am waiting for moree to come.
Soph xx

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Anna Ander said...

Just wanted to say thank you for publishing the Liberty photos! I haven't been here in a while, but as before you've shown me something I really wanted to see! I love the floral fa├žade.

Top bird said...

Hi - just visiting and noticed you've gone Liberty-mad, too. Congrats on you new stationery shop, looks amazing. xx

Boubou said...

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