Monday, 24 August 2009

Cloud Bay wallpaper

Although I have just about finalised my wallpaper choices for my flat, every once in a while I spot another one I like, which throws me into a state of confusion. I really love this Cloud Bay wallpaper from Rapture and Wright.

And if you look carefully at the photo above, you'll spot the cloud fabric which I've been looking for all my life. Last year I developed design fatigue while trying to pick a fabric to reupholster a charity shop chair purchase in. In the end, I went off the chair and sold it on eBay, but isn't it just as well, when there wasn't even the slightest hint of this fabric on my radar?


Holly said...

Oooh I'd definatly upholster a chair like that in that fabric. It just, goes, you know? Hehe.
I've been trying to find nice fabrics lately to cover cushions and make small crafty things, theres a wonderful haberdashery just out a little way from my city that has loads of lovely bits of bobs too.

Holly x

Amanda Nicole said...

There are so many gorgeous wallpaper patterns available these days, it's truly dizzying! This one's really lovely.

Kylie said...

Oh boy... I am in love! Love the wallpaper and love the fabric :) K

Meg said...

Gosh - that fabric is gorgeous! I hadn't come across their site before so thank you!!

simplethingstolove said...

I am in home complete makeover mode and I believe I have just found the perfect wallpaper for the bedroom. Clouds, Muted tones all is too perfect, Thank you