Thursday, 25 June 2009

London love: SORT

I've always thought that the US has the letterpress market all sewn up, so I am excited to discover that a London-based printer, SORT, specialises in the same old-fashioned techniques. I love their name - the Society of Revisionist Typographers, and I love their Etsy shop.

The Scribble notebook is my particular favourite, hand-bound with medium weight paper. It is an infinitely more luxurious alternative to my own recent notebook creations, which are staple-bound with pieces of scrap paper folded in half, and the cover 'decorated' with a highlighter pen motif. I find my own creations strangely satisfying and useful, but they can't compare to the real deal, deserving of a fountain pen and a slow, steady hand.

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Callie Grayson said...

oooh, i too love that scribble notebook... I always have a small book with me, to write, draw and sketch all things family.
My family is Scotland always teasing me, asking,"where is your wee book!!!" when i start to ask questions about family.