Monday, 8 June 2009

Haberdash House

I love this latest discovery from Scottish designer Haberdash House - I especially love the circus-style letters. I wear a variation of the same outfit almost every day (white vest, navy/blue cardigan, skirt) and so I'm a great fan of statement jewellery to make myself look a little bit different. In fact, in my new job, one of my new colleagues said to me after two weeks "So, do you like blue then?" as I'd worn it every day. It's a little too late in life to be developing an edgy look (I just lack the inherent 'cool' factor) but I do like to look out for interesting necklaces and pendants.


Jennie Bee said...

very cute! I agree i like the circus style letters aswell.

Conversation Pieces said...

The circus letters are ace... will have to check out if they have a Z! ;)

Pauline Wiles said...

From your writing style and product picks, I would never have dreamed you don't have a chic, edgy style for what you wear. How funny. I would say it's never too late to develop that; I've learned tonnes just from hanging around blog land. Why, I even wore a purple cardi with a pink top last week!!! ;)
But yes, the circus letters are lovely.