Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Beautifully British: Dee Beale

I love Etsy shops which showcase a small, but worthy, selection of designs. Enter Dee Beale - her tiny Etsy shop is currently selling four designs, but I love them all, and would hang any of them on my walls. The sun print is instantly cheering, and did you know that I love owls? Well, me neither, but I think I'm slowly developing an interest - it's the owl print which first attracted me to her work. Dee kindly answered a few questions for me. You can also find her at her blog, where her other designs make welcome guest appearances.

Brief bio: I studied Graphic Design & Illustration at the North Wales School of Art and Design. After graduating I worked as a Graphic Designer for Design Agencies in Manchester. Decided to become freelance after the birth of my second child and concentrate more on Illustration and Printmaking.

Describe your work: My designs have been described as decorative, detailed graphic and bold. Work tends to start in my sketchbook, my designs are quite stylised and I like to incorporate pattern into them wherever I can. Ideas come from everywhere, a piece of pottery, a flower in the garden, a trip to the charity shop.

What inspires you: My work is inspired by many things mainly nature, mostly plant forms and animal shapes. I'm also inspired by Mid Century Design especially Scandinavian design and ceramics. Some of my favourite designers include Stig Lindberg, Jessie Tait, Grete Prytz Kittelsen, Alexander Girard, and Lucienne Day.

Describe a perfect day: A perfect day should include, in no particular order;

A fresh coffee
A bacon sandwich
A walk on the beach
An open fire
A good film
A good red wine
A few good friends

Thanks Dee!


blue moss said...

love her work...thanks for sharing

Little Willow said...

Nice interview! Of course I love that adorable owl.

RhiannonM said...

She is now only selling three designs, someone snatched up the little birdies. Excellent designs. Thank you for sharing. :)

Patchwork Harmony said...

ooo... those are delightful! x

Arun Rahul said...

i think she is natural in the way she speaks and the way she designs...
and that is a perfect day.... :)

Dee Beale said...

Thank you so much Lynne for including me in your "Beautifully British" and also thank you for the lovely comments that have been left.