Friday, 20 March 2009

Style Resolutions: Kirsten from Simply Grove

Today's style resolutions come from Kirsten at Simply Grove. Kirsten has a great eye (she is an interior decorator) and her blog showcases a fresh range of interiors finds, including sneaky looks around her home. Make sure you have a look at her recommended blog finds below - I've discovered a few new gems.

Thanks Kirsten!

Style resolutions: Kirsten from Simply Grove

What is your favourite recent design find/achievement?

My favorite find has to be the Passe Partout clock from Dutch by Design. It is such a clever idea and I love how you can personalize it. I really want to put it in my office soon.

I am also on the hunt for fabulous vintage plates. If you read my blog you know that I LOVE plate walls. I have a mini plate wall in my kitchen but I want to increase it with at least 10 more plates.

Do you have any design/style ambitions you want to achieve by the end of the year?

I always want to be thinking outside of the box for my blog and my home. There are so many amazing designs, products and ideas out there and its hard to stay individual and not copy everything you see. Its important to keep your personality in your design. I want to make sure I am always me in my design and not someone else.

As for gifts and wrapping, I want to give lots and wrap well!

I love fashion that is unique, full of detail and easy on my wallet. I just cleaned out my closet and as I was organizing I realized how blessed I was. I don't want to take anything I have for granted because of how alot of the world lives. We are so blessed!

Which are your favourite style blog(s)?

This is hard! There are so many to love. I always appreciate blogs with great style and lots of color.

Design is Mine puts together great mood boards and always is thinking outside the box. Decor8 is of course fabulous!!! I also love haus maus. Pia Jane Bijkerk finds amazing design, photography and is really talented. Some new faves are Knack, Ish and Chi and Olivelse.

A Merry Mishap is my talented friend and Kenzie Poo is my cousin who is the best mommy. They both deserve shout outs!


Priya Mahesh said...

good one!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your puppy is adorable!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne. Just discovered your blog. Very very nice! :-)

What kind of blogs do I like? My tastes vary but I suppose the kind I like best are similar to my own... ones where the author speaks her mind, isn't afraid to say what she feels needs to be said, and pretty much says... "Screw the world if you don't like it cos these are the words coming off the tips of my fingers today!"

Kind of a rebel I am, I guess. *heh*

Have a wonderful spring!

Marie said...

Hi Lynne-
Found your blog through Simply Grove! I have a thing for tea as well. I try to visit the best tea houses here in California, but my fav is the one in Paris called Laduree. I dream about owning a tea shop someday with brocante to sell little unique items here and there. Great interview with Kirsten...Bon week-end!

JB said...

love her style and blog...great interview!

meandering pearl said...

give lots & wrap well, that seems like the perfect motto to adopt!!! & as far as design, i really love these furnishings by
they are vivacious furnishings personified methinks!
& wall plates! though i dont own any, if one ever happens to catch my eye, its true i do linger in the moment & ponder about it wistfully...but have never had the good fortune for one to follow me home :) have a day of flowing sunshine!

diane said...

The dog is adorable, and I love the color of your hat. Honestly, my favorite blog is, hands down, "What Were You Thinking?". I love Vic's sense of humor, sometimes she makes me laugh so hard, and that is the best. xo

*kk* said...

huge fan of simply grove:) love her!

Jennifer Ramos said...

Good read...! I bought that Crazy clock from DBD...and STIIIILLL waiting for it to get here, it seems like forever. Hmm need to contact them soon!

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Dee Larson said...

Love that clock!

slee said...

I'm a recent reader and so happy to see that you made it into the Blogs Of Note list!

Your Plate Wall is new to me. How "mini" are the plates you look for/use?