Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Another plate idea

This time - text transferred onto plates. Instructions here.

I'm planning to have a go at making my own clock from a milk glass plate. I may quickly come unstuck, but my friend Bridget reckons that if I take a plate to a mirror/glass cutting shop, they should be able to cut a hole in the middle for me? Then, I just need to add the clock mechanism, which I am sure I should be able to find online. A quick one-minute search found these mechanisms for making a CD clock (same principle), and I'm sure I can find something which is better quality.

This conversation came about because we saw some plate clocks in Liberty on Saturday, but they ranged from £60 - £80. I'm certain the total cost to make your own should be more like £5. Watch this space.

Photo by Ellen Silverman.


Michelle Parks McCourt said...

love this idea. cant wait to see the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Ooh---I'm so inspired by your creativity AND your can-do spirit! I have a million allegedly good ideas in my head but do I get around to making any of them happen? Of course not! But you've motivated me lynne and I'm SO going to get a project up and running today.

can't wait to see how the clock turns out!

Flora said...

Great idea! Of course, when you explain it like that, it all sounds so simple!

Thao said...

What a great idea! We wanted to make a clock for our apartment when we first moved in, but then we got lazy. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

{michelle} said...

What a great idea!

Enjoying your blog xo

Macy Dawn said...

Aaah! I love this idea! I recently came across your blog and I'm really liking it! Thanks for your great inspirations!

macy dawn

mischief said...

Brilliant arrangement!