Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Style resolutions 2009: Livy from A Field Journal

Today's style resolutions come from the young whippersnapper Livy, of A Field Journal.

Detect a note of envy from someone older and cynical if you must (a male friend just sent me this for lunchtime reading - not sure why - and I'm a long way off 40.)

However, the envy isn't at all to do with her age. I'm simply jealous of someone who can juggle college, working, and still manages to come up with and execute incredibly inspiring projects, rather than collapse in a heap at the end of the day. Ok, and she's young, and talented. Livy's blog makes my top ten of the prettiest I've seen, with consistently beautiful images and a cohesive identity.

A Field Journal has tons of original content, how-tos which actually inspire me to give them a try, and prompts lots of moments when I think 'I wish I could have come up with that.' Case in point - these translucent envelopes, which I absolute adore.

Thanks Livy, for taking part!

Style resolutions: Livy from A Field Journal

Q. What was your favourite design find of 2008?

A. My favorite find of 2008 was the 1930s dresser I picked up for $5 at a yard sale. This is an unlikely design favorite considering the terrible state it was in when I first brought it home. None of the drawers worked properly and the veneer was chipping away. Fixing it up was definitely a big project - lots of paint stripping, sanding and wood-puttying - but I'm really happy with the results. It's just so satisfying to make something old and dysfunctional new and pretty again.

Q. What are your style resolutions for 2009?

A. In the little college apartment I live in there's an over-sized square-ish closet right off the living room and by the end of 2009 I hope to have transformed it into a mini craft room. So far I've found a secondhand sewing table to fit snugly inside. I'm thinking of giving the table a new painted finish, adding some lighting, an inspiration board, shelving, pretty organizers and maybe even a seating solution that can double as a step stool (so I can reach the top shelf). Wish me luck!

Q. Which style blog(s) will you be reading in 2009?

A. I love visiting LillyBonBon for crafty paper creations and Blaze Danielle for a bit of whimsical inspiration. I am also continually in awe of Casey's work (Casey's Musings) - she's got such a talent for sewing and recreating vintage fashion. And Pretty Gingham has the most lovely calming interior photos - snippets of life that just seem so relaxing.


Michelle Parks McCourt said...

cool post!!

twin2trip said...

Agreed, Livy does have a baeutiful blog and so do you.

I'll be back!

Wish I could come to London for some tea and treasure hunting @ the thrift stores:-)


Rachel said...

Oooh, a new blog to drool over - thanks, Lynne!