Thursday, 11 December 2008

Steel storage

This photo shows part of the bookcase, which I bought a few weeks ago at a house clearance shop, and a tinted photo which I bought at Pippin Home in October.

Remember this post? Well, I've put this bookcase just at the top of the stairs (I live in an upstairs flat) and, inspired by the picture below, bought storage containers from Ikea, which are just about the right size for shoes. I have become extremely organised, if I say so myself, and also stored a torch, string, a tape measure, umbrellas, a hammer, and all those things which you might need to find in an emergency. I am very pleased with myself so far, mainly because I usually live in disorganised chaos (with at least one room which no-one is even allowed to look into.) But after 18 months living in this flat, things are starting to come together.

I've also recently spotted these galvinised steel storage containers for sale from Castle Gibson, which would work well for shoes, even though I somehow think that may not have been their original purpose.

Bottom two images via Castle Gibson.


Char said...

love those! I bet they would be great in the kitchen too. great finds

Micaela said...

I LOOOOVE this look! thanks for the idea :) Since they don't have a Pippin Home where I love (A SHAME!!!), do you know where I could find something like these online??? I LOVE them!!! help a disorganized sister out please! :)xo

Miss Aimee said...

I am wanting those in my laundry room to organize a bit. I love the post, great new bookshelf. cheers

Rachel said...

Yay! I love how you executed this. And those containers for sale are so lovely.