Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Blogger bathrooms

I love these blogger bathrooms. Although I have gone for something more modern, I love the traditional metro tiles and penny rounds look.

Refurbished bathroom belonging to Anna, from Absolutely Beautiful Things.

Upstairs bathroom of Anna (another one) of Door Sixteen. I love the wallpaper, which is Bindweed, from Ferm Living.

The pictures below are of my recently refurbished bathroom. It is difficult to get a photograph of the whole room, as it is pretty small, but it is quite a triumph I think - it was a disaster before. I knocked down a cupboard to give the bathroom a little extra space - less than a metre, but it's made all the difference.

My whole flat is very short on storage space - so I love these built-in cupboards above the toilet. They aren't very deep, but are tall (there are four cupboard doors, so the cupboard is more than double the height that you can see here.)

I used every trick in the book to make the room look bigger; a frameless shower screen...

and wall hung everything; towel rail, sink and toilet. The tiles are the same on the walls and floor, and I used a dark grey grout on the floor, and ivory grout on the walls. This tip was given to me by my friend Charlotte, and it has turned out to be a brilliant idea. I have underfloor heating, and this is my favourite room in the flat.
I'm just waiting for the perfect mirror and I will be finished.


Char said...

looks like you did a great job!

please sir said...

Oh wow love these - the first image really catches my eye!

Lizzy said...

Love bathroom #2! Fabulous job on your own bathroom!

vicki archer said...

Your bathroom looks fantastic - I love the simplicity and uncluttered style you have chosen and the clever use of space, xv.

Amelia said...

I love that two completely different looking mirrors are placed side by side, it instantly makes it interesting.