Monday, 24 November 2008

Scarf inspiration?

I recently bought this scarf at my favourite New York shop, Pippin. It is Italian, silk, and is really large - 78cm square. I have an orange theme going on in my living room - orange velvet curtains (temporary), dark wood floors and grey walls. I am looking for an interiors project I can use this scarf for. Do you have any ideas?

At the minute, my only idea is to frame it. The silk is quite thin, and the pattern only goes round the edges of the scarf (so the above pattern is repeated four times, once in each corner.) The edges of the scarf are piped in orange. Framing it cuts off part of the pattern.

Any alternative suggestions? Also, if anyone has excellent domestic skills and can tell me how to get the creases out, please let me know (I've tried ironing it on the lowest setting but it hasn't had much effect.)


Char said...

I suck at this stuff but instead of framing it can you do it like a hanging instead?

amy@inspirationchic said...

great scarf!

amy@inspirationchic said...

just a quick thought on this: what if you just hung it on teh wall as is with two little white tacs? alone, pretty, simple, organic.
i don't know, just a thought.

Tara said...

Maybe you can iron it through a teatowel? Then you could use a hotter setting.

Anonymous said...

Can't you hang it in the bathroom when you're having a shower (although not between the hours of 7 and 8 am) and let the steam take the creases out? Or run a hot bath.