Tuesday, 11 November 2008

10 kitchen ideas

Well, everyone knows that people who read blogs are brilliantly smart, resourceful and a mine of information...right?

I have got myself a little commission - I need to write a list of 10 tips to save money in the kitchen this Christmas. It won't go into too much detail, and it will be UK focused, but seeing as how I have never cooked a Christmas dinner, and don't entertain for large gatherings, I was wondering if you might have any ideas? It could be something alternative to turkey to cook, something to make food stretch further, or anything else you can think of. Please post your ideas in my comment section, and I will be very grateful. Thank you so much! I will even give a prize for the best idea...not sure what yet, but I will think of something stylish and tasteful.


Anonymous said...

One thing that I find really drives up the cost of holiday meals is feeling like you have to make too many dishes...we always have so many leftovers, and it's because we cook not only a turkey and/or a ham but also a zillion different sides! This holiday season I want to focus on cooking only a couple sides but doing them really, really well---for example fresh, homemade bread or rolls hot from the oven cost only pennies to make, can be prepared in large quantities, and who can deny that they are one of the most delicious things on the table?

Another thought is to limit your menu mostly to ingredients that are seasonally available---so for example don't plan desserts that require things like fresh strawberries shipped from halfway across the world at $6 a pint! Focus instead perhaps on a crumble made with pears grown and harvested locally...Not only will this save money, it's of course better for the environment and sets a tone for a holiday season full of harmony!

Jackie said...

I don't have much holiday meal planning experience, because luckily I still show up to my parent's and in-law's for that! But I do know you can get deeply discounted turkeys the day after Thanksgiving that you can freeze and use later at Christmas. Some stores even have buy-one get-one free sales.
Another idea is to have a pot-luck. Have your Aunt bring the dessert, brother bring the drinks, etc. If someone is offended that you asked, then they aren't in the holiday spirit and deserve some coal in their stocking!

Mrs.French said...

????oh goodness good luck with this one...I have absolutel no ideas...xo

oh I do like the pot-luck idea that Jackie mentioned.

Tara said...

I would have a look at lovefoodhatewaste to find inventive things to do with my leftovers!