Friday, 17 October 2008

Fancy Dress

This Halloween, I am going to a fancy dress party in New York. I need a costume idea and I can not think of a single thing. Any ideas?

So far, suggestions given to me and eliminated from my enquiries have been:

a) Audrey Hepburn (my hair is too short and I don't wear black.)
b) Wonderwoman (I just don't think so.)
c) Snow White (no....)

In my experience, Americans are so much more into fancy dress than the British, so I feel the pressure to make a big of an effort. More into Halloween in general, what with all the decorating pumpkins and Martha Stewart costumes.

This morning I had a beautiful walk around Wandsworth Common (sans camera - the trees were gorgeous, and sans Mark Owen, oh did I not mention I saw him there recently?) Anyway, I asked my friend for his suggestions of what I should wear. He couldn't think of anything for me, but quickly listed two or three for himself; Bill Gates - combed over hair and a v-neck, a Roman emporer, and I can't remember the third because I was tuning him out by then.

I think that lots of people will be dressing up as Sarah Palin this year. It's such an easy look to do. Glasses, hair up, heavy lip liner (do you agree that it may be a tattoo?) and a suit.

I need something more original. Before the Halloween party, I'm going to the Procession of the Ghouls at St John the Divine. I'm very excited. I've already got myself an invite to an election party as well.

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Jackie said...

Thanks for the curtain advice. I tried looking up the book you mentioned but couldn't find it. Who is the author? Sorry I don't really have any good costume ideas. I've never been good at coming up with adult costumes, so I just dress up my kids and call it a day.