Friday, 10 October 2008

Cox and Cox

My letterbox is inundated with catalogues selling all manner of unnecessary items; artificial flowers, children's clothes (to a non-parent), cashmere jumpers for the over 60s, Peruvian ponchos, and personalised tape measures. So it is always a delight when I receive a catalogue I have actually subscribed to. Of these, one of my favourites is Cox and Cox. In contrast to Himalayan Alpaca throws, this catalogue is full of things I actually do need. For example:

This think sign - I need it to personalise my new bathroom, which is looking a little sterile and hotel-like.

These bird and moth handkerchiefs; I need one to a) embrace this season's headscarf fashion, b) fulfill my bird obsession and c) detract from the stress of having real moths (yes, my only suit has been thoroughly chewed by some nasty little insects.)

Bindi notelets; I need these to improve my etiquette and write thank you notes.

Present and adore ribbons; I need these to encourage me to meet all impending birthday deadlines and improve my status as a friend. (Lynne, I know it was your birthday a few months ago - I am still working on your present, I promise...)

Photos via Cox and Cox.

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