Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Book Eating Boy

Do you ever find yourself surprised when a fellow blogger writes about something you had just been thinking about?

I've meaning to write about Oliver Jeffers, educate the North Americans about my fellow countryman, and launch his international career.

That's not quite the truth, but I have been meaning to write about his books, which I love. I first heard of him through a cousin who is in the Belfast Art Scene. Nonetheless, it's a rare moment when I buy a children's picture book just for me, with not even the hint of it providing a distraction for any young children who may cross my path. But that's exactly what I did with The Incredible Book Eating Boy.

I'm not sure what did it. Either it was the use of typography and old books as the background to his pictures, or it was the graph paper. I love graph paper. But, for accuracy's sake, and just in case any publishing marketing executives are reading this blog for feedback, I think it was the book-eaten corner which really made me hand over my cash.

Anyway, apparently he's on the international scene already, and lives in New York. Swiss Miss just wrote about her experience of meeting him for coffee, as you do.

The other blogging coincidence is that I wrote about some "Apartment something" shop on my list of places to visit in New York. Thanks to Jim of Modern Craft, who helped me correctly identify it as Apartment 48. But then, the very next day, it popped up, large as life, on Apartment Therapy.


Rachel said...

Adding this to my Amazon list now. I'm sure someone in my life needs it!

Lynne said...

There's also a very sweet one called "How to catch a star." It's just lovely.