Thursday, 4 June 2009

Kate Kanzier

When I saw Artemis' latest shoe buys at Tales of a Junkaholic, I quickly oohed and aahed but quickly moved on due to current financial shopping restraints - which do not allow much for buying expensive shoes - until I saw that they cost £25 and £15!

A quick about-turn and I'm planning a trip to the Kate Kanzier shop as a matter of urgency, before all the styles I want are sold out (some of the styles I like online are out of stock already.) I'm not a huge fan of all synthetic shoes, but even the leather styles are a very reasonable £55.

Oh, and look at those handbags - starting at £55, I am really hoping they are as beautiful in the flesh as they look here.

Kate's shoes are available online, or there is a shop on London's Leather Lane. If you see someone buying three pairs of shoes within five minutes, it could well be me.


Rose said...

the navy bag is fabulous- I am all about seeking out the not obviously 'label' bags these days and that one is superb.

great shoes too... obviously

Polly R said...

Ah I love those blue shoes!

the seventy tree said...

Oh my! I want just about every pair of brogues!! I'm ordering some right now!

Anonymous said...

the bags are fantastic!

nath said...

oh dear, i already ordered two pairs this morning! quick!

Apt. #34 said...

That black bag must be mine - stop by for bag post at Apt #34 coming very soon!